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Key Facts about Vitamins and Vitamin Supplements

Are you getting enough of the 13 essential vitamins for humans? The best source of these
vitamins is food, but sometimes supplements are needed to boost health and provide the various benefits of the different vitamins. Vitamins can provide a wide variety of health benefits including


However, today many vitamin supplement manufacturers make all sorts of claims. They include the promise that vitamins can help to boost performance, reduce stress. Shed pounds and even get rid of

It’s true that certain vitamins can improve the health of certain components of the human body. That includes eyes, skin, heart, blood, bones, and others. That said, it’s important to avoid having the notion that somehow vitamin supplements can function as some wonder

Instead, experts say that it’s important that vitamin supplements be used to fill small nutrient gaps. Keep in mind that by definition the name of the products is “supplements.” They should be added to healthy diets instead of being used to replace

It’s instead important to create a healthy meal plan. Your daily diet should include fruit, veggies, grains,  dairy, lean meats, etc. Eating these types of foods and eating enough of them is the key to eating healthy

In fact, experts stress that healthy foods should be the staple of a healthy diet. Natural foods are important and organic foods are even better. These should be the top source of your vitamins. In fact, if you’re eating healthy food you’ll be getting most of the vitamins you need and the right amount


However, there are some issues that can cause some vitamin deficiencies in your body. For example, if you do a lot of exercising you could have lower levels of certain vitamins because you lose them when you do workouts. However, you can easily replenish these vitamins by eating healthy

Another issue is that some people have health conditions that cause deficiencies of certain vitamins in their bodies. No matter how healthy your diet is it could remain a problem and create the need to use vitamin supplements. This would be a better option than multi-vitamins because you would get a larger amount of the vitamin than the small amounts in

Another factor of health issues that could require vitamins supplements is the natural aging process. For example, older women tend to have lower levels of calcium so that they could benefit from higher intakes of milk, green leafy veggies, and calcium


Finally, a bad diet could be causing vitamin deficiencies. If you eat a lot of highly processed foods, then you’re likely not getting enough the 13 vitamins you should be consuming through food. In that case, vitamin supplements can boost your body’s levels of different

These are some of the many causes of vitamin deficiencies. The best solution is healthy food, and the best alternative to that is vitamin supplements. Make sure you’re not only getting the right vitamins, but also the right amounts.